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GEOCON SURVEYS, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, is a Professional Land Surveying Firm offering a wide spectrum of services in India. Sri P. Krishna Prasad,with his vast experience and wide knowledge in the Land Survey and Mapping Field has established Geocon Surveys in 2003 with its head office located at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

The firm also offers end-to-end services in the fields of GIS; Photogrammetry; Remote Sensing; other related geospatial consultancy services, including surveying, modeling, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, managing projects and resources across India.

In addition, the firm has a well-established technical setup, which enables them to offer their broad range of technical and advisory services to institutes, private companies, private individuals, Government and semi-Government organizations, including Forest departments, Railways, Irrigation Departments, Revenue Departments, Mining Industries, Highway Authorities, Panchayati Raj Departments, Water supply Departments, Sewage System Departments, Public Works Department and Construction Companies etc. primarily in Andhra Pradesh with additional operations in Delhi, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh,Odisha and in other states of India.

Geocon Surveys aims to be the best and prompt service provider in the Industry with branches in all over India soon.

The firm is described as “quick and accurate” and takes highest care and focuses on delivering pin-point accurate services to its clients. With ample machinery, as well as the best technical and field professionals along with in-house experienced Quality Checking team, the firm is always ready to deliver the best and effective solutions to various client base.

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We have worked for Government organizations like NTPC, HNPC, NHAI, APRWS&S, APSMIDC RAILWAYS, APIIC, APHB, R&B, AAI, Survey Settlement & Land records, Marine Fisheries Research, Colleges and reputed private organizations, Real-Estate ventures, and individuals.

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Geocon Survey has a quality management System, in compliance with the International Quality system standard ISO 9001:2015.Our crew of Professionals are Skilled in Data Mapping and Analytics and State-of- the art hardware and Software applications in order to measure and manage accurate data.


In a crowded market place, Geocon Surveys remain differentiated on the basis of our financial technological Strengths and strong services give us the ability to engage very close with our Customers on end to end Survey &Mapping Solutions.

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